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Baby Comfort Soft Pillows

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About this item
Pillow size is 20x30cm which is why it's a perfect compact, travel pillow but to ensure this product gets to you perfect we Vacuum Seal every pillow till it gets to your door, when you open it fluff it out a bit and it will be ready to go. Easy and Perfect for your little ones. This TINY pillow will serve so many needs of yours and your Little ones!
BREATHABLE: This 100% cotton thread on the outside and memory sponge is added in the inside which keeps the cool air in the winter and the warm air in the summer.
SIZE: Measures approximately 12' width 8' length 2' hieght, perfect for your little one, works nicely for your kids in Daycare or Preschool. Giving you the ability to take it where ever you please without a hassle.
C-Design: The middle piece is FLAT to help give your little one the perfect c-shaped pillow letting their head comfortably fit in there, which also helps avoid vertebra twisting.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: You can use this pillow multiple ways; use it as a headrest/ headbumper while they're on the car seat or stroller, you can even use it as a breastfeeding support pillow.
TRAVEL: This pillow can be taken wherever you go, because of its compact size! Rather than having to carry around a big bulky pillow, this pillow is capable of being slipped in any bag with ease.
UNISEX: This cute design is the perfect median and can be used with either gender for your little ones.

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